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set 16, 2017

Identità Virtuale: Teoria e Tecnica dell'indagine socio psicopedagogica online



Corsi di formazione disponibili sul territorio nazionale




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1) Nuoro 28 settembre 2016




2) Roma, 29 settembre 2016



































Per la realizzazione degli interventi di consulenza e formazione in Italia, Europa e USA, l'IFOS collabora con il e il StopCyberbullying dell'Avv. Parry AFTAB (New York) e il progetto ACCEPTO - ERASMUS PLUS (in collaborazione con Romania, Lituania, Svezia, Spagna, Portogallo, Grecia).





Parry Aftab (New York, USA) is a US lawyer specializing in Internet privacy and security law, and is considered "one of the founders of the field of cyberlaw". She is the Executive Director of, a volunteer organization dedicated to online safety. She was featured in Chris Hansen's book, To Catch a Predator. She created the StopCyberbullying Coalition to help address cyberbullying and digital abuse issues. She was appointed to the federal NTIA Online Safety and Technology Working Group (OSTWG) and the Berkman Center's Internet Safety Technical Task Force (ISTTF). Facebook appointed her to its Safety Advisory Board. She advises MTV as well.


BULLYING AND CYBERBULLYING: ACCEPTO (Accepting yourself and accepting the others)

The idea of this project appeared after a series of surveys conducted in a number of schools from different countries mentioned bullying between the most traumatizing experiences which marks many childhoods. Thus, according to evidence based on a large number of studies, close to half of all children will experience school bullying at some point while they are at primary or at secondary school. Child bullying is a serious problem and it can be very harmful, on long term, to children. Child bullying can damage their own self-image in ways that can affect them for life. Children who are bullied can be affected emotionally and socially and their schoolwork suffers. In some cases, serious depression and attempted suicide can result from childhood bullying. Also statistics demonstrate that there is a connection between bullying and lacking self-esteem. All the pupils suffering from lacking of self-esteem present bad academic performance and they don’t have positive learning experiences.

We involved in the partnership different schools, with different backgrounds, from all around Europe in order to share innovative practices and experiences and we will also collaborate with an institute IFOS from Cagliari (Italy) which provides career professional counselling and formation services, specialized in bullying and cyberbullying which will asssure for the teachers involved a specialized training programme in order to strengthen their professional profile and competences to better meet the needs of the children exposed to violence and aggression.


set 20, 2017

Dal 20 Settembre 2017, sono online i bandi per i Corsi e Master IFOS

set 16, 2017

IFOS è Provider Nazionale per il rilascio di crediti ECM - Educazione Continua in Medicina (Ministero della Salute) ed è accreditato presso l'Ordine Nazionale degli Assistenti sociali per l'organizzazione di eventi formativi e per il rilascio di crediti.

set 16, 2017

In collaborazione con l'Ufficio II del Dipartimento Giustizia Minorile e di Comunità, Ministero della Giustizia.

Ciclo di seminari su: Identità Virtuale, Valutazione delle competenze genitoriali virtuali, Valutazione della "maturità psicologica" dei minori che commetono reati online.

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