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An initiative by IFOS – Istituto di Formazione Sardo By Luca Pisano, Maria Elena Saturno

An English translation by Nicoletta Pinna in collaboration with Prof. Peter K. Smith

Department of Psychology Goldsmiths, University of London


The IFOS - Istituto di Formazione Sardo - is a TRAINING COMPANY that operates in all the Italian national territory, collaborates with the leading expert of the health and social services field and with the most important Italian and European Universities to organize workshops, training and postgraduate courses to be addressed to senior year students, graduates and professionals.

With relation to the course mentioned above Ifos has been given the legal aid by the JUVENILE COURT in Cagliari and Ancona and also by the Department of Juvenile Justice in Sardinia, Abruzzo, Marche, Molise, Emilia Romagna, Piemonte e Valle D'Aosta. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE.

With regards to the training addressed to the mental-health workers, Ifos organizes educational events officially accredited by the DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH - ECM.

IFOS is also a Clinical Centre which offers individual, family and couple psychotherapy services which focuses on children, teenagers and families.Moreover, IFOS deals with the consultation and health supervision of professionals.

In addition, it provides assistance and aid in schools of any kind and degree through out projects aimed at students, teachers, school personnel, principals and parents.In this respect IFOS cooperates from the year 2006 with the scholastic regional office of Cagliari. ITALIAN BOARD OF SUPERVISOR.





Luca Pisano, psychologist, psychotherapist, expert of juvenile justice,Scientific Director of “Postgraduate Courses related to Clinical Criminology, Legal Psychology” as well as as Director of “Specific Training Courses for Bullying in schools”, which are organized by IFOS with locations in Cagliari, Sassari, Roma and Ancona. Court-appointed psychologist in the Juvenile Court of Cagliari and in the Civil and Criminal Court of Roma. (Association of Psychologist - Lazio n° 6651)

Maria Elena Saturno, psychologist, family advisor, expert in school psychology and IFOS’s teacher of childhood psychology of “Postgraduate Courses focused on Clinical Criminology and Legal Psychology” as well as “Training Courses specifically concentrated on bullying in schools”. Court-appointed psychologist in the Civil and Criminal Court of Roma. (Association of Psychologist - Lazio n° 7336)

Nicoletta Pinna, expert of Clinical Criminology and Legal Psychology. Specializes in teenage problems mainly concerning bullying and cyberbullying.  Visiting researcher at the Department of Psychology – Unit for school and family studies – Goldsmiths University of London (UK).


IFOS  Association

  • Postgraduate courses
  • Training courses Workshop
  • Clinical centre
  • Provided assistance and help in school
  • Cyberbullying Section

Centre of research for childhood, family and teenagers

Associazione iscritta al n° 488 del Registro Regionale delle Istituzioni e degli Organismi privati (L.R. n° 4/88) per attività socio-assistenziali. Regione Autonoma della Sardegna.




Registered as a company at:

Via G. Palomba 70 - 09129 - Cagliari - E-mail: info@ifos-formazione.com

Director: Dott. Luca Pisano


Reception and switchboard for Sardinia:Tel. +39 070 883557 - Fax: +39 070 880235

Reception and switchboard for Lazio:Tel/Fax:+39 06 3097647 Mobile +39 340 3841036



set 29, 2019

Corsi e Master CON IL PATROCINIO DEL Dipartimento di Storia, Società e Studi sull'uomo, UNIVERSITA' DEL SALENTO.

set 29, 2019

Scadenza iscrizioni: 18.12.2019

Evento in attesa di essere accredditato da CROAS Sardegna (Ordine Assistenti Sociali Sardegna) - ID: 35470

set 29, 2019
Recensione sul Master in Criminologia nello speciale settimanale "Eventi", pubblicato in allegato al Sole 24ore del 28.11.2012
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